Mold Services

Mold is basically found everywhere, inside and outside, and grows on almost anything as long as it is wet. Mold remediation is the removal of this mold and the spores it produces, which has to be handled with care as it can be carried by air flow. Without proper mold remediation, these spores land on a moist surface and begin to grow, adding to your mold problem.

Detection of Mold Presence

The first step in an assessment is to determine if mold is present, and if we are talking, it probably is. But we determine this by examining the premises to determine what level of remediation is necessary. If mold is actively growing and is visibly confirmed, other methods of determining contamination such as moving furniture, removing carpets, checking behind wallpaper or paneling or inside vents and ducts as well as opening up walls.

How we fix your mold problem

The first step in solving your mold problem is by stopping the source of moisture. Next we remove the mold growth itself and mold contaminated materials. Our goal is to remove, clean and disinfect the contaminated area and control emission of fungi and dust contaminated with fungi from leaving the affected area, while protecting you and your family.


After completion of the remediation process. Post-remediation testing is needed to clear the project before your home is restored to its original condition.  This is the final step in our process.  As Qualified State Licensed Builders for the reconstruction we’ll replace all building materials that were removed during the remediation process….from the building structure itself to painting and everything in-between.  It is important that this step is started only after the project has been cleared.

Restore your home to its original condition.

Once the reconstruction is completed, we take all the steps needed to bring your home back to its original condition. This means everything from dust and debris removed to making sure the carpets and furniture look exactly like they did the day we arrived. Nothing will be out of place, that’s our promise to you, our customer.

Certified by The Clean Trust in Water Restoration & Microbial Remediation

Florida State License Numbers
CBC1252871 • MRSA430 • MRSR412 • HI1745